Software Engineer

(Dallas, Tx) (Posted March 14, 2017)

We’re looking for an intelligent, passionate, software engineer interested in: designing, constructing, and maintaining, state of the art music streaming systems using cutting edge technologies.

You will get to build beautiful native mobile applications using the React Native framework library, Redux state container, and the Firebase Realtime Database/Cloud Firestore. Your contributions will have significant impact on our flagship product Ultrasound™.


  • Full stack developer proficient in Javascript
  • Solid understanding of functional programming and object oriented paradigms
  • Experience utilizing JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, etc.) with fluency
  • Experience utilizing third-party libraries and APIs with fluency
  • Ability to build with React Native and Google Cloud Platform
  • Ability to sustain efficiency while maintaining an acute awareness of details


  • Develop, maintain, and test Brassroots pipelines from launch through scaling
  • Collaborate with CEO, CTO, and Lead Developer to effectuate functionality decisions
  • Learning and implementing new technology solutions for mobile app development
  • Writing clean, testable code for app production using primarily React Native, Redux, and Google Firebase
  • Design features and contribute towards product decisions
  • Communicate with multidisciplinary teams to accomplish product goals


We’re looking for an individual who is creative, open-minded, and driven. Tuner, Inc. is a fast-paced, collaborative environment that caters towards individuals who value transparency, respect, and responsibility.

Hiring Process


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First interview and coding challenge



Second interview and decision